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Shake it and Shine…

Okay….before you turn up the radio and start doing the mambo in your living room, I guess I should tell you what I mean by the title.

Shake the Salt and Shine the Light!

Being familiar with the New Testament verbiage of “being the salt and light to the world,” I’ve heard these stories a bunch of times…for decades even!  And just like salt which is left aside and not used, if leave the Bible aside and do not put it to good use in our life, we have lost our effectiveness.

Luke 14:34 says, “Salt is good, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored?”

Have you ever over-salted your food?  Was it by habit that you salted food that was set in front of you without tasting it, dashed a bunch of salt on it, and then realized your mistake?  If something is too salty, it’s virtually ruined and inedible.  It’s wasted.

I heard a story one time of a newly married young woman whose new sister in law was, well, let’s just say she wasn’t very kind.  She always salted her meal before tasting.  It really irritated this new bride because she kSalt Shakernew she prepared wonderfully tasting meals.  Out of sheer frustration of watching this happen month after month of hosting her husbands’ family for dinner….she exacted her revenge.  Before bringing the plates to the table, she salted her sister in law’s food.  This new bride knew that this was not a very Christ-like thing to do, but no matter how well she cooked, it was always intimated that she didn’t know how to prepare anything probably.  Well, as with all the months before, the sister in law salted her plate of food…and it was too much!  The new bride stifled her smile…and her sister in law never salted her food before tasting it again.

{I’m not recommending practical jokes like this of course…for story telling purposes only.}

So how do we “over salt” our speech?

When we speak harshly to our little ones when we are too tired to control our attitude.

When we speak of others when they are not in the room, perhaps under the guise of a prayer request.

When we speak rudely to our spouse because they are doing “the thing” that has irritated us for years.

When we berate those who do not yet know the saving grace of Jesus Christ because they simply have not opened their heart to understanding that God loves them.  They do not know who they are in Christ, and we look down upon them for how they act.  

Luke 14 verse 34

We are in effect, over-salting the sweet words of the Lord, making them inedible to those who desperately need them.  The end result of the problem is that these people remain in the darkness and cannot see the light of salvation.

Let’s be reminded to simply “shake the salt” ~ not pour it out over the very wounds we are called to be gracious enough to look out for.  Saved or not…salt in a wound will usually only bring about more pain.

Think of the sweet taste of salted caramel ice cream or freshly prepared kettle corn from an actual kettle!  They have just the right amount of salt that ENHANCES the sweetness.  In our lives, when we balance the right amount of salt, we can bring out just the right flavor that will lead hearts to draw closer to Christ.

So, shake the salt and shine the light ~ let us bring the hungry world around us toward the Lord, not away from Him.

Psalm 34 verse 8 (2)