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Choosing to Move…

Hey y’all ~ Check out my latest blog post for Hello Mornings Blog. Here’s the first couple of paragraphs and then the link to their site to read the rest! Hope you enjoy it!

I still marvel at those who call themselves “morning people.” I have never been a morning person. I’m more of a “wake up in time to go to brunch” kind of person, yet that’s not the lifestyle I lead at all. When I had children, that all changed because I was not just responsible for myself any longer. I had to become a morning person. As much as I didn’t like getting up before the sun, it made for a much more enjoyable morning. Having a few quiet moments to get myself to stretch a bit, get ready, and spend some time with the Lord always made it possible to have a more positive mindset.

Trust me, there were definitely mornings that did not run so smoothly, and it seemed no one was moving in the right direction!

When we take the opportunity to give ourselves even 15 minutes to stretch our muscles, it helps to wake up our brain. And while our mind is waking up, we can begin conversing with the Lord. As we stretch our bodies, we can marvel at God’s creativity in making our human form. As we pause and breathe in deeply, we can be joyful that we have the ability to move. When our ability to move is taken away, we miss it the most. 

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