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Let’s Have a Care Package Party!

Hello Friends ~ I’m so excited to be featured on the Joyful Life Magazine Blog this month! Below you can read the first couple of paragraphs and then you’ll find the link to their site to read the rest.

I’m thrilled to share this idea with you because there are SO MANY reasons you can send a care package. Right now is great time since so many of our kiddos are off to college. Even if your son or daughter is at home participating in distance learning with their university, you can still do something fun like this and deliver it to them. Or better yet, hide little gifts in their room for them to find throughout the week.

Blessings to you all!


Let’s Have a Care Package Party!

The crisp, fall air brings to mind cozy days at home, time with family, and making memories. It’s also a time of year that brings change. The leaves turn from green to golds and reds, the bright flowers shift to a dormant state, and little birds leave the nest.

The fall season is also the time when our own ‘little birds’ leave the nest for college, and those days are filled both with joy and sorrow.

I remember when our oldest daughter was finishing up high school. My husband and I were so excited for her but nervous about how our family would be altered once she left the house. Our goal in raising our three daughters had always been to confidently send them off when the time came to begin their adventure of discovering God’s plans for their lives, but it was still a difficult transition. That sweet little person who’d been there for 18 years was turning into an adult at what seemed to be the speed of light.

I knew there were many things I would miss about having our daughter home all the time, but there was one thing I was completely looking forward to—sending care packages! Whether it’s for a college student, a new mom, a missionary, or someone else in need, care packages are a beautiful way to let someone know they are thought of and very much loved.

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Let’s Have a Care Package Party!