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Good morning!  So yesterday got away from me but I still wanted to post my “Friday blog-bite.”

The month of October holds a lot of celebrations in our family ~ two of our daughters, one niece, one nephew, and one grand-niece (yes…I have three of them!!!), all have birthday’s in October!  Crazy fun time!!  I have several friends with October birthday’s too, then there’s the anniversaries of some friends and another niece.  And last night was Homecoming at my daughter’s high school.  One might say, we have a plethora of celebrations to enjoy in the month of October!

How about all those other kinds of celebrations that we don’t always take the time to look at ~ a sunrise, a sunset? ~ leaves changing color (yes…we have that in SoCal too!) ~ kindness from a stranger holding the door open for you. ~ neighbors waving a greeting to one another as they pass on the street. ~ a family member stopping what they are doing to help you with one of your tasks. ~ answered prayers. ~ comfort through friends and family when a prayer isn’t answered how we wanted it to be.  These are all times to celebrate as well.

God did not create us to be these multi-tasking work-horses, checking off our “to-do” list each day; only to wake up the next day and do it all over again.  Of course there are always things to do everyday; and I will admit that when I write down a to-do list, I absolutely LOVE to cross those items off the list (and I’ve been known to write down more things that I’ve done on the list just to cross them off).  Accomplishing goals and tasks is wonderful, but they only have meaning to them if we are doing it all for the glory of God. The picture painted through Colossians 3:23. “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,” is a beautiful one.  We are able to everything we do in light of who we are IN Christ Jesus.  Yep ~ even on laundry day, we can work for the Lord.  Take a few moments the next time you have your laundry day and pray for each person as you fold their clothes.  Most of the time, laundry day is when no one else is home, so I feel more of a freedom to linger in their rooms and continue to pray for them.  Prayer is the mightiest of tools in our spiritual arsenal (but that’s a blog for another day…).

My prayer for you today is that you will have a day of celebrating your life in new ways.  Take the time to find new things to celebrate and enjoy the life you have in Christ Jesus.



James one 17-18 bible verse with photo

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